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This 2 part series will provide information that is critical for our sons to receive in this hour.  Especially during this time of COVID-19 that has led many into isolation, further despair and many without hope.  Our intentions here is to provide information and resources that will link our young men to a life that they dream of, hope, prosperity, love and fulfillment. May all who attend find this empowerment through Jesus Christ and the various people that will be providing information.  
We will have invited mentors from all walks of life who are Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Uncles who are good on the courts, off the courts and in the courts. Employment, Education and Financial Empowerment, Health Care-Self Care for our Sons are vital to GOD, to Themselves , Their Families and to Their Communities. Every aspect of our son’s lives Matters!

Power 4 Your Life @ The Power House Church

Join us for 2 Consecutive Thursdays: 3/4/2021 
and 3/11/2021 at 7PM EST. 

MEETING ID 995 9485 1154   Passcode: 109680

If you have any question concerning about our services or if you would like to donate to support our work with Empowering People with tangible resources.  Please click onto our donation link above and donate.  We will be sure to mention you in our quarterly HEW JOURNAL.
Employment  Empowerment   Entrepreneurship 
Meet powerful Business Owners;  Teachers; Mentors; Employers who have made time just for you, because they do care and they do know how valuable you are and needed.
There is no limit in the Kingdom!
Dreaming of obtaining your G.E.D. or College Degree
Meet People that can help link you to Online Services that will lead to obtaining education and skills that will help you obtain your personal goals.
Black Business Owner (s): Shaun Latta Kimble 

Music Promoter & Artist:    Marrec Butler  

Entrepreneurship: Matthew Richardson 

Self-Care: Chaplain Marcus Taylor 

Education: Brother Joe Sharp, Jr.  

and some other distinguish guest.
                  Guest Speakers