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Bishop Grace Richardson is a Pastor, Thought-Leader, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Philanthropist, Mentor, Mother and a Friend to many.  
Through personal experience, education, laboring in the Kingdom vineyard and by witnessing the trials of others, Bishop Grace developed a desire  to making a difference in the lives and well-being of those who she found struggling financially, emotionally, because of abuses or because of importunities to have good or affordable education.  
Bishop Grace recently obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and is pursuing her EJD. Her Goal is to assist the Body of Jesus Christ and the Secular corporations through the hurdles and the holdbacks.  Bishop Grace believes that people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge and she is constantly helping people to get link  to the resources that can help them to win in life.
Her career and ministry portfolio additionally includes 
Senior Pastor of The Power House Church, NY and NC, which houses various faith-based community services, such as Gospel Open Mic Explosion; HEW School of Ministry a CGO outreach; ThroneRoom, Women Who Preach To Nations....and the List goes on. She is an Overseer of many nations, servicing both families and individuals. 
About The Power House Church O.H.D., INC.
The Power House Church was Prophetically birthed in the 1950's through the fire and demonstration of the Holy Spirit on Jersey Street, in Staten Island NY. The late Pastor Arthur A. F. Hall, Sr and the living Mother Lula M. Hall founded a small store front church on Jersey street in 1950, the old saints recalled the church as being a Power House, because men would come in and lay their knives on the altar, as they surrendered their lives to the LORD. Pastor, Rev AF Hall would preach fire until it came down in the HOUSE. Lives were transformed by the Power of God.  

Almost 50 years from then, Pastor Rev AF Hall's daughter, Pastor Grace Hall-Richardson and her late husband, The Pastor Norman L. Richardson went back to where it all began on Jersey Street in Staten Island, and they opened a church with 2 storefront spaces.   Initially, they didn't have a name for the store front spaces they rented for the church, however one evening while they were driving along in their little burgundy van, the Holy Spirit spoke as clear as day to Pastor Grace and said, name the church, "The Power House Church".  
Maybe 2 years or so later, one of the old member of Hall's Temple Reformed Church saw Pastor Grace and told her how her churches name, was the nick-name of her late father's church that was started directly across the street from Pastor Church on Jersey Street in the 1950's.   The old member showed, Pastor Grace the back of a church bulletin where they referred to her father's church, as the Power House Church. 
  Won't God do it? What God intended is what God intended. Hallelujah!!!  Here we are in 2020 in Power House Church is still here carrying on the work of the LORD.
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"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise. The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives". 
                                         Proverbs 11:30
Bishop Grace Richardson
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